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The day was Wednesday, January 24, 1776

Peninsulas are formed by lithospheric movements and action of water currents. They are not to be confused with a bay or a cape. Bay is a water body surrounded by land on three sides, and a cape, though somewhat similar, is not as prominent as a peninsula.. A video unveiled on the Bravo website today […]

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This is easily accomplished as the bustier has around two feet

I not ashamed, nor guilty of any wrong doing as my intentions were always pure. Mainly to offer everyone a safe place to express their sexual desires. Due to an extremely large number of factors that none of you are privy to vibrators, Rome fell.. S mine? Lottery trash. Don’t want it. Sure it’ll pad […]

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I sounded no bullhorn over diversity but nurtured it where I

I quietly worked to bring more of that newness into the room: fashion editorials featuring young black models Naomi Campbell and Veronica Webb; a photo feature on the flamboyant ball culture of New York’s queer people of color, members of the legendary House of LaBeija striking dance poses in broad daylight. I sounded no bullhorn […]

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